IC Nursing Innovator


The mission is to support and engage nurses in areas of practice, research, leadership and scholarship. While creating an environment in which professional nurses can share knowledge and support the learning, empowerment and professional development and are committed to make a difference and improve the care of populations in the Indian community.



To capture thoughtful discussions on healthcare developments and reflection of nurse’s commitment towards care delivery system.


To engage nursing faculty in the re-visioning of nursing courses as well as their pedagogical practices, with the specific goal of enhancing students’ understanding of healthcare innovations and professional practice models.


To facilitate a group of like-minded individuals with knowledge to share, curiosity, and a healthy sense of health care community.


To provide an opportunity for members of the forum to hear from a range of experts, stakeholders of health care system, and members of the public and to see, first-hand, the challenges and innovations in health care settings where nurses provide care.

Advisory Board